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Clay Arsenal CT Locksmith Store Clay Arsenal, CT 860-397-1404Being a reputed service provider in area, we have received several calls from customers who state that their key broke in lock . It is not just about extracting the broken pieces, but creating a new key to unlock the lock is the biggest task. We have expert technicians and advanced toolkits to fix such a situation. Whether you have broken the keys inside the locking system or in your car’s ignition system, our dedicated experts can help you out.

We are one of the most reliable locksmiths in the region, providing quick and affordable services to home, office and auto clients. It is suggested not to try to extract the broken pieces from the lock by yourself as it will only complicate the problem and end up damaging the lock entirely. The best advantage of calling professional and expert locksmiths is that they are equipped with the right tools that can extract the key with minimal damage to your property.

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You can never understand the severity of the situation where the key broke in lock unless you have confronted it, at least once. Extracting broken pieces from the lock and creating a new set of keys onsite, require special skill and someone with the right knowledge and tools can deliver precise services. Our 24-hours active team will reach out to you in no time, thereby, offering timely help. Once the pieces are removed, the locking system is analyzed. There are times when you need to replace the system to keep the level of security intact. However, sometimes a simple repair job will do. Trust our experts to deliver the right solutions.

24/7 availability

What if your key broke in lock at a late hour? You don’t have to wait till the next working hours; better find someone who offer 24/7 assistance. Clay Arsenal CT Locksmith Store is a reliable name that offers broken key extraction service. Our mobile van unit is always ready to offer exceptional service.

Features like 24/7 availability become more crucial in certain scenarios - for such critical moments we are here for you.

Speedy service

It is not just the 24 hours availability that makes us popular, but we ensure that no customer is left unattended for more than 30 minutes. Our fully-equipped mobile van units are always ready to deliver on-site solutions.

Get the assistance of professionals and find immediate solutions for all your locksmithing woes.